About Us

Toronto Towing Service has been providing towing service and roadside assistance in GTA and surrounding cities for a long time. At that time there was no professional towing company in Toronto and GTA so the idea was to bring professionalism and systematic change in this industry. Our Toronto Towing Company started laid down its bases on the very idea of professionalism. Which means that our company abides by a methodical and systematic order by which to provide acceptable towing in addition to roadside assistance for our customers. in addition to the ambitions usually are always predetermined they usually always appear such as Task Well done.

We are among Canada’s most known Toronto towing companies, helping GTA and Surrounding area road users. Our customers’ safety, security, and well being are our top priority. We will ensure that your automotive mishap is resolved very quickly, efficiently, and in a professional manner.Whatever your emergency situation on the road may be, contact us and we’ll come to your rescue!

From motorcycles to cars to buses to a wrecked or rolled-over semi, as long as the vehicle has wheels, we can tow it or we can lift it and move it to where you want it to be. In short, we know and understand your needs. And we have the equipment and the expertise to ensure your needs are met. With more than 50 vehicles – from regular tow trucks and flatbeds to heavy towing and recovery – we have the right vehicles to handle your situation.